Revs De Cuba host Rockettes Audition

Revs De Cuba host Rockettes Audition

A Cuban themed room full of flashing lights and sparkly disco balls was the setting for the 2019 Rugby League Rockettes Audition at the weekend. A packed out room full of girls determined to secure a place as a Rockette. 

The audition brought together girls form an array of different areas of Yorkshire and the North West, some familiar faces – nervous to defend their spot and new faces full of excitement at the challenge ahead. 


A fast paced routine was lead by Sarah Elston  – choreographer for the Dance team which is now celebrating its 6th year of providing dance entertainment at the biggest and best Rugby League events. 

The girls rehearsed infront of a select panel of judges which included Kait Ludwig – Marketing and Business Operations Manager at the Rugby Football League. Kait has a keen eye for talent as before moving to the UK she managed the Raiderettes – the official dance team for the Canberra Raiders. Members of the RLWC2013 Dance team joined her – and reminisced about their cheerleader days with talks of a comeback for some at the finale of the season…..

After 2 hours of full out performances, cuts, call-backs and a spot of free styling, the judges made their decision and announced the names of the girls would have the honour of dancing at all of the major Rugby League events this season. A growing squad that is now attracting girls from outside of Rugby League Cheer Teams  – watch out for them at a major stadium soon! 


Special Thanks to: 

Photography: Ian Mortimer

Sound: Ginny Ackroyd

Filming: Brandon Fowler

Venue: Revs De Cuba

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